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This section of the site is intended to provide information, advice and resource details for everyone in the process of, or hoping to start, creating and marketing their music – such as musicians, bands, singers, artist managers, producers and DJs.

Independent artists now find themselves in a better position than ever to take control of their own careers. The pace of development and the increasing accessibility of today’s technology is handing the savvy and determined artist some distinct advantages denied to any previous generation.

Whilst it’s true that the goal of most artists/bands is still to get that coveted record contract with a major/credible label, more and more musicians and songwriters aren’t simply waiting around to be discovered. They’re getting busy putting up websites, creating a buzz, building a following – making the most of being the nimble “little guy” as the larger corporations fight a desperate rearguard action in their efforts to come to terms with the relentless advance of the new, virally-driven channels of music promotion and distribution.

success in music

Not that we’re predicting the demise of the corporate giants any time soon. The recent spate of mergers between the major players may be indicative of the traditional companies’ struggle to adapt to a new business model, but it surely won’t be long before a different, better positioned, set of majors take their place. So, in a few years, or less, we could see the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Sony and perhaps someone like RealNetworks effectively controlling most of the music industry. The good news is that if such a scenario occurs, it will most likely be on the back of a model that rewards artists and the creators of music in a far more egalitarian way than before. Already, a few of the more enlightened record labels are adopting a better, more artist –oriented approach when setting up contracts.

In the meantime, you have a choice. By all means pursue the record contract route, but do it on your own terms and don’t sell yourself short. Alternatively, it’s now perfectly feasible to release your own songs, grow your reputation and fanbase and get yourself into a position where the record labels are chasing you. Then you can decide on your course of action from a position of strength.

Whatever you do, we’re here to help. On these pages you’ll find articles, advice, recommended products and services and free reports from a host of recognised experts. We’ll be adding to this store of resources constantly, so remember to check back often.


Articles, Features and Resources

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